Monthly Post

1. Being a new start up how are your first few months going?
  • To be honest I think things are going very well. We sold our first shirt on June 10th and broke even on our first collection in less than two months. Considering the fact that we’ve started a business during a time when people are not spending as much as they would because of COVID-19, I think we are definitely headed in the right direction.
  2.  What is your vision for #HtOWNChick? 
  • My vision for #Htownchick®️is to have it become a staple for the women here in the city of Houston. I want #HtownChick®️ to be thought of first when they are looking for fun, sporty, sassy apparel. #Htownchick®️Is for every woman Houston no matter the ethnicity. We all share a love for our city!
3. So far what is your favorite item, and why? 
  • Oh WOW, Do I have to pick just one. I would say my favorite is the very first shirt design which is our signature Tee. Black Tee with white logo. It represented who I am and what I liked to wear as an #HtownChick®️. 

S/O to @moonluvcreations who created our very first shirt. Check them out on IG and she can make you anything! Great quality and super professional.